Instill a Mindset of Personal Accountability

personal accountability

“No matter how tough a game they may talk about performance, when it comes to holding people’s feet to the fire, leaders step back from the heat.” – Overfield, D. & Kaiser, R.


Driving personal accountability in our teams and in ourselves leads to greater individual, team, and organizational performance. It can also boost creativity and innovation, strengthen manager/employee relationships, increase employee engagement, and reduce turnover.


In order for a culture of personal accountability to exist, employees need to feel in control of their actions and clearly understand the expectations and scope of their roles.


Despite its many widely-known benefits, managers struggle to instill a mindset of accountability in their employees. This deficit may be a result of two issues that require attention: lack of knowledge and/or lack of will.


To address this deficit, managers must understand how and when to encourage autonomy and how to empower their employees to take success into their own hands. Thorough manager training can and should provide exactly this type of information.


Many organizations struggle to find the time or the appropriate knowledge to adequately train their managers to promote accountability, and often find that outsourcing this kind of training has numerous benefits. Kelowna HR’s management training program for fostering employee accountability will:

  • Articulate of why personal accountability matters.
  • Enable of managers to identify strengths and opportunities related to accountability and set relevant goals.
  • Cover the various elements of an accountability mindset.
  • Guide managers through instilling a mindset of accountability within their teams.
  • Plan post-training initiatives to reinforce training concepts.


Our Insights:

  • Accountability improves employee performance, development, interpersonal relationships, trust, empowerment, and engagement. This holds true regardless of level, business function, or individual personality type.
  • Accountability is naturally associated with consequences, both positive and negative, but should be an avenue to foster positive relationships, develop key competencies, and learn from mistakes.


Consider the future of your organization and foster a culture that is fueled by personal accountability. Call us for details as to how we can help you today.

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