6 Reasons to Invest in Outplacement Services

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Career Transition and Outplacement Services

At some point, all companies face the unpleasant task of letting someone go. Restructuring, employee performance issues, and downsizing are all potential “growing pains” of an evolving organization. In all cases, the motivating factor for change is the bottom line. So how does a company that is looking to fine tune their resources justify the “cost” of offering Career Transition (or Outplacement) services to departing employees? By understanding that quality Outplacement is always an investment, not an overhead.


Investing in employees is key to a profitable business, and it’s essential in all stages of the employment cycle. Corporate reputation, work culture, and productivity are all nurtured when employees feel taken care of. They work harder for you when they feel their team is respected, and they may continue to advocate for you outside the workplace, even after leaving. Building rapport from the first day to the last is crucial, and even if you are releasing an employee, it doesn’t have to mean negative consequences to them or to your company. External consulting services that provide high quality Career Transition services to departing employees can translate a potentially painful “ending” into new opportunities, and ensure that the departure can be beneficial to all involved.


Here are 6 reasons that Outplacement Services are a valuable investment:


  1. Build or maintain a powerful employer brand: You’ve worked hard to develop a professional brand, and that extends to your reputation as an employer. When you offer transitional support to exiting employees, you showcase your organization’s leadership in employee advocacy and commitment to a positive work culture.
  2. Reduce legal liabilities: Reactions of departing employees vary greatly, and sometimes the legal ramifications of terminations can be treacherous. Hiring an external consultant to ensure employees are receiving the right compensation from a legal standpoint can save potential stress and dollars through litigation, and offering additional Career Transition services can iron out potential issues from distraught employees that could otherwise retaliate.
  3. Enhance future recruitment and retention efforts: Finding the right candidates to fit a position and a work culture can be a daunting process, and it can be further complicated by issues that arise from terminations. When an exiting employee is taken care of, it eases the concerns of potential recruits, and mobilizes internal staff to take on new responsibilities.
  4. Build internal trust and relationships: Your team is your most valuable asset, and when there is transparency, empathy and support from the top down, regardless of circumstances, internal relationships are stronger and loyalty is prevalent.
  5. Strengthen confidence in delivering the message: Delivering a termination message with poise and grace is a skill, and external Outplacement consultants offer expertise in how to effectively prepare for and deliver the message on notification day. From crafting a confident script to choreographing the elements of the delivery (When will you deliver the message? Who will communicate with them? Where will the meeting take place? What needs to be provided to the employee and what needs to be collected?), having a proper strategy can help add value to the event and enhance the confidence in your management that they are an effective part of the corporate strategy.
  6. Assist in a quicker career transition: This is two-fold; an exiting employee that receives Career Transition services is more likely to find new employment faster than without, often enhancing their own professional lives through support they would not normally receive otherwise (many professionals will never do a career assessment on their own, learn about the job market, or develop a professional resume), and a departing employee that goes back to work before the end of their package can save the previous organization in compensation.


Of course, there is also the human desire to take care of others. No one wants to leave an employee without support, especially when that person has been a long time member of a corporate “family”. Career Transition services allow individuals to leverage the opportunity of leaving an old position for new opportunities, to develop themselves both personally and professionally, and to have ownership over their own lives when it seems as if their power has been taken away from them. Change is inevitable, in our personal lives and our professional ones, but with the right support change can be a powerful, positive opportunity for growth. Outplacement services are a crucial piece in ensuring your organization moves forward from terminations with a positive focus.


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