Elizabeth Neef, B.A.

With a passion for people and helping them reach their potential, Elizabeth has a wealth of experience assisting others in the achievement of their professional goals. She understands the uniqueness of the labour market in the Okanagan and strives to use her expertise to guide others in navigating this occupational landscape successfully.

Career Coaching

She has provided career inspiration to a wide range of clients with a primary focus on helping them to build expertise in marketing themselves to various industries. Experienced at working with all levels, Elizabeth provides support and guidance to her clients while helping to brand them and bridge them to their next opportunity.

Human Resources Experience

Elizabeth has held a senior position as Human Resources Manager for an international company. Her responsibilities included performance management, benefits, recruitment and employee and leadership coaching. She has developed handbooks, policy and performance systems as well as many HR systems and procedures.

Business/Organizational Leadership Experience

Particularly skilled at assisting leaders and executives in small businesses reach their goals, Elizabeth has expertise in teaching self-employment and developing business plans and marketing strategies. She taught entrepreneurship over an 8-year period at the University and having run her own businesses spanning more than a 20-year period, both in the United States and Canada, she brings a highly practical and experience-based approach to her work.

Education and Training

Elizabeth has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Calgary; she holds additional education and certification in various career assessment and change management methodologies.