Resume/ Employment

Are you looking for a job?  

Or perhaps you are wanting to advance your career. . .

Wondering how our Employment Preparation Services

can help you?

You may have already figured out that job search is indeed a big job!  It can be an emotional, stressful – and sometimes disappointing -period of time.  We understand!  But there are a few things you can – and should – do to make a big difference.

  • Your resume is such an important document – if it does not effectively and professionally market your skills and accomplishments, you may miss the interview cut.
  • The interview short-list is comprised of the strongest candidates for the job – the cream of the crop.  Your competition may be stiff – and coaching may be just what you need to present yourself – and what you bring to the table – in the best possible light.
  • Planning and strategizing your employment search is the best courses of action to successfully land the job you want.

At Kelowna HR, our team has collectively helped hundreds – if not thousands of people – in their job search preparation.  We are very confident we can help you!