Human Resources

Wondering how we can help you with your HR?


IF YOU . . . 

1) Don’t have an HR Department, but need affordable people management solutions?

Kelowna HR is your go-to resource

2) Don’t know where to start for best staffing practices?

No worries – we’ve got a handle on it and can guide the process

3) Don’t want to spend your time handling staffing issues?

That’s okay, we understand . . . and WE enjoy it!


HR is a specialized, sensitive, confidential and critical component of every business with employees.

We’re very confident we can simplify your people management issues so you can focus on what you really want – and need – to do: grow a successful revenue-generating business.

Kelowna Human Resources offers high-quality HR expertise. Whether you need a few hours freelance work a week, ongoing monthly support, or a comprehensive HR Services package, KHR can help save you time, frustration and money. Outsourcing HR for freelance or project work saves dollars and makes sense.

First steps first: We listen carefully to your goals, problems or requirements. We talk about your vision, and the culture you want to develop. From there, we evaluate what you have in place, and provide you with recommendations and an affordable quote. We can be responsive to quick timelines, or spread the work and hours over months to manage cash flow – whatever you prefer.

We know that excellent communication and getting optimum results are critical in business to achieve the goals you’re after. So we respect your time by being fully prepared, asking succinct questions to establish and clarify your expectations. Then we provide samples or outlines so you can be assured the end product will be what you want – solid quality that meets your business needs – with no surprises.

If this sounds just what you’re looking for, let’s talk. Call us for a free evaluation to assess your needs.

Click here for an HR Checklist or call us to request a meeting and free consultation/assessment.