Business Team Training Listening Meeting Concept

Developing an informative Orientation Program eases and integrates your new hires into your business.

  • Provide them with essential company and job-related information and resources.
  • Explain the organization’s culture and set clear performance guidelines and expectations.
  • Develop an on-the-job training plan with a checklist to ensure your employees are given a solid foundation.
  • Provide frequent and ongoing positive and constructive feedback.

These steps will help new employees become confident and competent in their role – which ultimately accelerates their learning curve and increases productivity and profitability.

Education vs. Training vs. Development

  • Education is learning information and principles.
  • Training prepares individuals to do their job through transferable skills and application.
  • Development, on the other hand, prepares employees for future jobs/responsibilities.

Continuing education, training and development are key strategies to retain and grow your staff. It stimulates your employees and keeps them challenged, contributing and growing professionally.

View offering financial assistance and corporate support for development as an investment that pays dividends to the employee, the firm and other staff members.