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Find the right qualified candidate to fit in with your team

The most effective way for organizations to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive, service-oriented, global marketplace is through the quality of their employees. In Jim Collins book “Good to Great”, the first step is to “get the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats – and then figure out where to drive it.” People are not necessarily your most important asset . . . “the right people are.”

A thorough and discerning recruitment process greatly increases the likelihood of a mutually satisfactory and successful employment relationship. The extra effort in hiring the best candidate is worth it when one considers the high cost involved with terminating an employee, or repeating the process due to an unsuccessful hire.

Recruitment is a time-consuming activity with many important steps that span a period of weeks, and sometimes months. Strong candidates are those considered to have all the ‘must have’ qualifications as well as fit the organization’s culture and strategies. A recruiting tool to quantify candidates lessens the temptation of the ‘halo’ effect and makes the best choice evident. Solid employment references provide insightful information and helps avoid disappointment or unpleasant surprises in poor hiring decisions.