As you can appreciate, fees depend on the service, the complexity, the terms, and the time they require. See below to give you a rough idea, or contact us for specifics.

You will find our prices are very competitive. Why? We run a tight ship, work smart, and minimize overhead expenses.

You will find our core values of excellence, efficiency and integrity mean that our clients get high value and quality results every time. Satisfaction assured, testimonials available.



We would be happy to review what you have in place and provide a free assessment based on your needs and best practices. Outsourcing relieves owners of this important aspect of running a business, and is an affordable alternative to the cost of having a dedicated HR professional on your payroll.

Sample Options

A. Freelance: HR advice and hands-on work within your timelines and budget.


a. 2 phone calls and 2 meetings per month for HR advice/coaching
b. Any HR Service – e.g. Develop an Employee Policies Handbook; available for phone calls/meetings within agreed timelines and budget

B. Contract/Project Work: A pre-established agreement of budget and timelines for design and implementation of an HR project (e.g. Pay Structure…)

Please contact us to discuss your needs.



We offer onsite support and various levels of Career Transition Programs. Request our program brochure for rates and options.



Starting at $90 an hour, depending on service and scope.

A. Resumes:

a. We do the work in a collaborative meeting in our office:

We develop (type) a professional resume with the individual’s information and input. At the end of the meeting, you will have a printed resume and we will email it or copy it to your flash drive. Fully revisable for future edits.

b. For remote clients:

We start with your current resume and a questionnaire. If you don’t have a current resume, we gather the appropriate details in order to build one, by phone, Skype or email.   Armed with this information, Kelowna HR will put together a draft resume for you to review. After final revisions you will have a resume you can feel confident represents you in the most effective, authentic fashion for your job hunt.

B. Practice Interviews:

a. We meet and provide interview strategies and tips, then conduct a practice interview and offer feedback.

b. We provide interview strategies and tips (only) via phone/skype.

C. Other Employment Services Available upon Request