Employee Wellness in a Post-COVID World

It’s tough to argue that the challenges of the past year, specifically in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, have caused disruptions to our lives, both in the workplace and at home. Uncertainty is at an all-time high, many organizations have had to make significant modifications to the workplace, and individuals are experiencing varying levels of physical, mental and emotional distress.

Investing in the wellbeing of employees is becoming increasingly more important, and wellness programs are gaining more and more popularity. This can be attributed to the fact that happy, healthy, highly motivated employees are proven to be more productive, focused, and engaged. Statistics from the  ITA Group reveal that workplace wellness programs can result in 28% less sick days and 26% less health costs. 

In a post-COVID world, wellness is at the forefront of our culture. We have all had to make significant sacrifices in the name of well-being, but in protecting our society during the pandemic, other considerations have not been as readily addressed. These include the difficulties that have come with less social interaction, heightened levels of anxiety, and reduced opportunities for exercise.

Each company has unique circumstances, and these distinctive contexts come with their own challenges. Elevating your organization’s attention and response to employee wellness issues comes first from understanding the experiences and concerns of your team. Without investigating the issues and offering opportunities for confidential communication of these concerns, you may be missing out on the ability to resolve problems or offer support that could, in turn, prevent disengagement, absenteeism, or more serious health risks for your employees.

Employee Wellness Surveys are an excellent way to gather information regarding the real experiences your team may be having during these challenging times, and can offer valuable guidance in elevating your strategies to support your staff. Consider the following benefits to launching an Employee Survey today:

  1. It will ensure your employees feel valued, heard, and engaged, and enhance a sense of trust.
  2. It will highlight key areas that you can take action on to improve wellness strategies.
  3. It will allow your team to feel connected, sharing experiences that may help them normalize and adapt to changing conditions, navigating the crises and guide long-term success.
  4. It will support data-driven decisions, giving you confidence that you are making choices that reflect real-time scenarios.
  5. It will help inform future action plans, offering a process to mitigating challenges associated with change that come up as your organization evolves.

Make sure you are protecting your most valuable assets – your employees! Now is a perfect time to address the challenges of a changing world so that you and your team are positioned for health and success as we move forward. If you or your organization are interested in enhancing your wellness strategies in ways that are most beneficial to your unique circumstances, contact us today to discuss how we can facilitate an effective survey that sets you up for success.

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