When Hiring a Professional Resume Writer is a Good Idea

hire a professional writer


We live in a DIY culture – one where YouTube allows us to learn in a weekend how to install a kitchen sink, cook crème brulee and find 10 new uses for toothpaste (did you know it helps get rid of bruises?). Most of us are at least relatively competent with word processing software, and we know the basics about how to present our work history on paper. If not, there’s always YouTube, or a million other resources to teach us how.

So is that’s the case, why would anyone hire a professional to write their resume? After all, we know ourselves and our job histories better than anyone.

The truth is, you can write your own resume, and some are very successful in doing so. However, the value in having your resume professionally written can be significant in certain contexts, and perhaps significant enough to make or break a key opportunity.


When hiring a professional is a good idea:

You don’t know where to start.

You’ve never written a resume before, and although you have a vague idea of the kind of information needed, you have no idea how to put it on paper. A good resume writer will know what questions to ask to ensure you have the most comprehensive picture of your employability.

 You aren’t confident with computers.

Not all professions require you to sit behind a computer screen, and even if they do, most of us aren’t aware of the tools and tricks available with many word processing programs that give your document the appropriate layout for maximum marketability. 

You don’t have “a way with words”.

You don’t have to be a poet to write an effective resume, but understanding how language works in translating crucial information is key to writing a strong resume. Writing powerfully often means making choices about how to state things concisely, authentically, and in a way that communicates your message to your specific reader (ie. your potential employer).

 You have a unique work history.

Perhaps you have been out of work for some time due to personal reasons, or you left an impressive position because of conflicts with management. How do you reconcile this on a resume so it doesn’t throw up a red flag? Professional resume strategists have been trained to use a variety of techniques to take the emphasis off of areas of perceived weakness in your document and emphasize your strengths.

 You don’t have the time.

We are all busy, and even if you are resourceful and can navigate your way through YouTube like a pro (hello crème brulee), writing your own resume isn’t something you have the time for – or, perhaps, the desire to do. After all, writing a professional resume requires research, creativity, focus, and revisions. Professional resume writers often have resources available and experience that expedite the process, and offer the added bonus of saving you the time spent on stressing about whether or not you’ve done a good job.

You aren’t getting results.

The online application world can be a black hole, sucking up resumes and spitting them out into databases with hundreds of other applicants, making it difficult to gain visibility.  Professional resume writers know this, and should have an understanding of how to present the content of your resume so that it gets picked up by tracking systems and sent to the “A” pile (the ones that get the interview). Moreover, if you are lucky enough to apply directly, either through email or in person, having a well-crafted, easy to understand, pleasing to the eye document will give you a crucial advantage. And if it’s a job you really want, it’s often worth every penny.


If you are confident writing your own resume, go for it! There are endless resources on how to put it together effectively. If, however, you feel like you’re struggling, or lacking the confidence to put something together to send out into the world, professional writers are here to help.


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