Could You Benefit from Career and Job Search Coaching?

job coaching


Looking for work is one of life’s necessary evils, isn’t it? We’ve all had to do it, but we usually haven’t enjoyed it. And, as many of us have learned, finding a job is frequently a job in itself. To succeed you need to be at your best and use all the tools available to you, and there are many. If your job searches are happening too frequently for your liking or taking too long to come to fruition, perhaps it’s time for you to consider utilizing the services of a career and job search coach.

What exactly is a career and job search coach? Pretty much what it sounds like: A professional qualified to help you make the right career decisions and coach you through the job search process, helping you focus that search by targeting positions for which you are most suited and/or in which you are most interested.

You can help your career/job search coach become even more effective by allowing him or her to show you how to learn more about yourself. A greater sense of self-awareness will enable you to make better decisions regarding your career path based on factors unique to you. With proper counseling, you’ll discover what decision making style works best for you, identify and establish goals that you want to pursue and then formulate strategies for successfully pursuing them.

Once you’ve gained a better understanding of who you are and what you really want, your coach will help you conduct your job search by fine-tuning it so you address the following:Watch Sugarbabies (2015) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

  • Identify, develop, and maintain a professional image
  • Learn how to write resumes and other job search correspondence
  • Create a career portfolio
  • Secure informational interviews
  • Identify and initiate contact with potential employers
  • Identify and utilize network systems
  • Pursue shadowing experiences
  • Identify sources of job opportunities
  • Actively participate in job/internships fairs
  • Select among job/internship offers
  • Increase confidence and commitment to the job search process.

Once you’ve used what you’ve implemented the suggested strategies, the career coach can then transition to preparing you for your interviews. So many factors impact the interview process that the value of a professional coach “on your side” cannot be overstated. In most cases, relying solely on your application, resume and references will not land you the job you seek. Your performance (because you are, in fact, performing) during the interview will be more influential on the hiring decision than any other single thing you can do. To increase your chances of success, your career and job search coach will help you with the following:

  • Anticipate the questions that are going to be asked based on the company and the industry in which it operates
  • Formulate the questions you should be asking based on the job you’re seeking
  • Participate in mock interviews employing the various interviewing styles you may encounter
  • Prepare answers to questions with which most people are uncomfortable. For example:
    • What are your salary expectations?
    • Describe 1 or 2 or 3 weaknesses.
    • What will each person you’ve listed as a reference say about you when we call?
  • Evaluate your style, from wardrobe choice to vocal presentation.
  • Identify body language or nervous tic issues.
  • Develop compensation/benefit negotiation strategy.

If you think you can competently handle all of the above on your own, that’s great. But can you really afford to go it alone? If you can’t, you are well-served to use a career and interview coach. Ask us how.